Case Study

ELITE custom build tables for chiropractors globally. Doctors build custom tables specific to their needs directly online.  Over time the complexity of tables along with a growing number of table models made managing the WooCommerce store challenging.

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The Solution

Watch a 3 minute demo of how gravity cloud automated the ELITE eCommerce experience by adding composable commerce and automation to WooCommerce.

Create Components with Gravity Forms

ELITE tables were decomposed into reusable components

  1. Headrest
  2. Drops
  3. Flexion Tension Controls
  4. Electric Distraction
  5. Table Elevation
  1. Cordless Power
  2. Base Color
  3. Upholstery Color
  4. Table Surface
  5. Protective Covers

Learn about the power of Gravity Forms here.

Assemble components into Products


Product Recipes define all the Components to build a WooCommerce product.

The High Low Manual Flexion table is composed of 10 reusable components. 

Undo your last version, or Time Travel your store

Gravity Cloud backs up and versions all Components and Products securely in the Cloud. 

Store Versioning

The power of time travel for your entire store.   

Imagine the flexibility and experimentation possible when you have a one-click undo.  Create a Black Friday sale, run it, and revert in seconds when complete.

Product Versioning

Product level versioning enables experimentation at the Product level.

One-click restore of a Product
Great for A|B testing

One click deployment between web properties


Targets enable you to push the Store to various environments.

The result is Speed + Flexibility of your WooCommerce experience


Manage online commerce with a tenth of the effort


Update the Component and render the entire store in seconds.


One-click deploy between web properties


Every deploy is versioned enabling you to "undo" the last deploy or time travel your store (back and forward).

Increase Sales

Increase sales conversions by enabling new ways to manage your Store.


Effortlessly manage complex products

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