Revolutionize WooCommerce with Composable Products & Time-Travel

Add time travel to your Gravity Forms

Are you tired of the tedious manual effort required to manage complex products on WooCommerce? We understand the frustration as someone who spent years managing an WooCommerce store selling chiropractic tables worldwide.┬áThat’s why we embarked on a search for a better solution but could not find anything that met the following needs:

A new solution, Gravity Cloud

Gravity Cloud changes the game for managing your WooCommerce store. Let’s walk through a real-world example of how ELITE Chiropractic recently revolutionized its online platform with Gravity Cloud. ELITE required a full update to its entire product line as follows:

  1. Pricing change for every option of every chiropractic table
  2. Add a new upholstery option to all tables (Challenger, 40 colors)
  3. Remove Whisper upholstery
  4. Remove three colours from Burkshire upholstery
  5. Add conditional logic to the cordless power extra battery option
  6. Test and validate all changes on the staging site
  7. Push the change to production with one click

The solution

Gravity Cloud Recipes & Components make updating the e-commerce ordering system a snap. Every ELITE table has the same upholstery options and therefore, every Recipe uses the same Component named Comp Table Colors, simply update the component using Gravity Forms and then deploy the recipes and you are done.

Components & Recipes save Time

Gravity Cloud enables time travel of your WooCommerce products. Shown below, you can see a history of all the product changes to the ELITE store. With Gravity Cloud, you can revert to any of these states. Even better, if you have a staging and production site, you can pick the site (staging or prod) that you would like to apply the time travel on.

Final thoughts

Gravity Cloud enables ELITE to manage its WooCommerce experience with a tenth of the effort at higher quality and complete safety. 

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